Encouraging success through dance 

Artistry Youth Dance Company is Promoting Diversity and Success in Dance  

By Lanre Makele | Influence and Culture | Thursday, October 31, 2013

Artistry Youth Dance has launched London's first youth dance company to teach jazz, contemporary dance and Horton technique to young people of African and Caribbean descent. The not-for-profit organization, launched in April of this year, aims to cultivate a more culturally diverse representation of dancers within the industry by showcasing talented young dancers. 

the dancers in class
The dancers in class.

Kamara Gray, Artistic Director of Artistry Youth Dance, financed the launch entirely herself. Gray said: "That's how much I believe in it! It is a fantastic opportunity for the young people involved to learn a variety of techniques and skills from first-rate teachers, as well as improving their all-round strength and flexibility. We aim to help our dancers become strong, confident and versatile individuals, both on and off the stage."

Teaching ballet as well as workshops in a variety of other dance styles including hip-hop and musical theatre, the company supports young people to realize their talents in dance and creates pathways for further education in the Arts.

artistry youth dancers in action
The dancers in action.

Artistry Youth Dance is particularly excited to bring Horton technique - a blend of ballet, Native American folk dance, Japanese arm gestures, and Caribbean, Javanese, and Balinese techniques - to London youth. "All of our teachers are highly experienced and have trained at the Ailey School in New York," says Gray. "We are the only youth dance company in London to teach Horton technique, so this is a wonderful opportunity for young dancers."

Having accepted its first intake of 10 students (ages 14-19), Artistry Youth Dance is now looking to progress towards its first performances later this year.

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