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Runway From Around the Way:
Watch Video Highlights From Aspiring
Designers at the FDMO 2014 Spring Fashion Show
at the Tangent Gallery in Detroit

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A 'Glorious' Launch in Electronic Dance Music Culture
by Livetronica Drummer and New Music Producer
and Pop/R&B Singer 
Music and Culture 

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The electronic dance music culture is known for its high energy, beat pumping, epic productions from some of the greatest producers from around the globe but there is a new girl on the scene named Glorious who is injecting her full drum set and powerhouse vocals in the electronic dance music concert experience... 


Kate Borkowski

New Alternative Artist Kate Borkowski's
New Album, Polymorph 
Music and Culture 

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Newcomer Borkowski has an English degree from the University of Notre Dame, and is an immensely talented vocalist and songstress, in a unique class all by herself. She focuses her gifts of powerful perception and melody on each of Polymorph's 12 original songs... 

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