3 Ways to Embrace the Holiday Sweater Trend

3 ways to embrace the holiday sweater trend fashion trends style beauty VERGE magazine

Holiday Sweaters On Trend Now...
by VERGE Staff | Fashion Trends | Tuesday, December 12, 2017 

As the season's parties and celebrations kick off, the holiday sweater craze continues to gain popularity. Traditionally, Meijer sells more than 400,000 holiday-related apparel items for the family in December, including sweatshirts, tunics, leggings, sleepwear and sweaters – otherwise known as the so-called "ugly" holiday sweaters trend.

According to Fast Company, the ‘ugly holiday sweater’ craze has morphed from cottage sensation to a million-dollar, year-round industry. And the trend is not limited to people. Meijer pet buyers report that they move more than 10,000 units of pet-related holiday apparel, including "ugly" holiday sweaters specific to pets, before Thanksgiving and sales remain steady throughout the holiday season.     

While there is no shortage of holiday sweater ideas, the apparel buyers at Meijer handpicked their favorites to generate a few chuckles with just the right amount of gaud. Prices range from $24.99 to $34.99.



Santas favorite with lights

Photo courtesy of Meijer

Santas Favorite Holiday Sweater with Lights
Red and green, and reindeer and snowmen continue to dominate the visuals in this category. (from Meijer)


Fleece Navidad sweater with light up santa hat

Photo courtesy of Meijer

Fleece Navidad Holiday Sweater with Light Up Santa Hat
For those looking to go beyond jingle bells, some of the sweaters offered this season either light up or include an accessory that do so, such as a hat or a necklace. (from Meijer)


You can also follow these three tips for choosing holiday sweaters that are on trend:

1. Go for a clever saying. Buyers report an influx of clever sayings, many lifted from pop culture references, including Gingerbread House holiday sweater; Meow Christmas holiday hoodie, and Chillin with My Snowmies holiday sweater.

2. Light it up. If you are looking to light up your look, try these suggestions: Reindeer Holiday sweater with matching light up necklace; Unicorn holiday sweater with matching unicorn headband; and Fleece Navidad sweater with light up Santa hat.

3. Celebrate your love – or not so lovable feelings – for the season. If the phrase, "I'm only a morning person on December 25th" or the classic, "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle" sounds appealing to you, there is a whole assortment of apparel that helps you amplify your love – or annoyance – of all things holiday. Whatever camp you may fall into, here are some buyer suggestions: 

-"Dear Santa, It's a long story" (Holiday tunic with coordinating scarf). 

-"I'm not a morning person except on December 25" (Holiday long-sleeved hoodie). 

-or "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle" (Holiday tunic with coordinating scarf).

Source courtesy of Meijer. Top photo credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto


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