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Ceata E. Lash puff cuff

Entrepreneur Creates Innovative Product for Managing Natural Hair 
by VERGE Staff | Hair and Beauty | Monday, December 15, 2014

For many people with naturally thick, coily and textured hair, styling tools and accessories are often too flimsy, or may even cause damage or create tension when it comes to routine hair care. 

As a solution to this problem, Entrepreneur Ceata E. Lash of Marietta, Georgia designed the PuffCuff Hair Clamp to better manage “big hair” and is rounding up beauty fans with its innovative design and styling versatility, in the process. 

Lash created the PuffCuff Hair Clamp because she experienced migraines when wearing elastic bands on her voluminous, naturally coily hair. Banana clips and other hair accessories were more suitable for thin or straight hair, neither which she possessed. In addition to causing headaches, the elastic bands and other accessories she formerly used often snagged or even ripped out her hair. Frustrated, she set out on a mission to create a functional tool to both secure big hair and allow it to maintain fullness without clinching, pulling or causing the user pain. Consequently, Lash went on to design, patent and produce what would prove to be a revolutionary solution to a decades old problem.

Launched in February 2014, the PuffCuff Hair Clamp was well received by the burgeoning natural hair community in the U.S., United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The durable, round, clamp has short teeth and a hook closure designed to accommodate Afro textures. This unisex tool meets the needs of a multicultural society whose hair is challenging to manage and even intimidating to some stylists. Lash defends its design and function by emphasizing that the clamp is not a banana clip.  


Lash firmly states, "The PuffCuff is the replacement for obsolete hair accessories for the millions who have thick, textured hair and want to achieve trendy styles without pain or breakage."

Now only available in their original 5" clamp, the PuffCuff will soon launch its Jr., Mini and Micro sizes in early 2015, opening up their customer base to include those with wavy, straight and less dense hair. The PuffCuff Hair Clamp is also great for locs and other thick hair types. 

For more about PuffCuff, visit:

Photo captions: Inventor of the PuffCuff, Ceata E. Lash. The PuffCuff Hair Clamp has an innovative design to accommodate dense hair.  Photo credits: PuffCuff, LLC


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