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Plant-Based Protein Healthy Living Recipes VERGE Magazine

Lifestyle > Health and Fitness

Power Up with Plant Protein
by VERGE Staff  | Food and Health  

When it comes to getting energy from the food you eat, it’s no secret that protein packs a powerful punch. Certain plant-based proteins may also have benefits...Read more


how to stay fit on vacation health fitness VERGE Magazine

Lifestyle > Health and Fitness

Stay Fit During Your Vacation
by Harold Irby, Personal Trainer | Health and Fitness

Leaving town for a summer get-away? If you’re not careful, your trip will quickly turn into a fat trap. The following two steps are all that you need to take with you on your vacation to ensure that you come back looking and feeling amazing...Read more


Cayman Islands Vacation Spot VERGE Magazine

Lifestyle > Living Well

What The Cayman Islands Offer Travelers 
by VERGE Staff | Vacation Spot

The Cayman Islands prides itself in providing travelers with unrivaled vacation experiences, allowing guests to be unburdened by the everyday stresses...Read more


4 ways to stay hydrated in summer life home wellbeing VERGE Magazine

Lifestyle > Life and Home

4 Ways to Stay Hydrated in Warm Weather
by VERGE Staff | Lifestyle and Wellbeing   

Healthy hydration in the summertime starts when you rethink your drink so you can beat the heat. These tips will help you make smart beverage choices for staying hydrated all summer long...Read more


 Fashion and Beauty                                

Nic Zoe Shoe Launch Fashion Style News VERGE Magazine

Lifestyle > Fashion 

NIC+ZOE Launches First Shoe Line
 The Shop List | Fashion  


Beauty Cosmetics Labels Research Study VERGE Magazine

Lifestyle > Style and Beauty

Looking Beyond Beauty Product Labels
by VERGE Editor | Skincare and Beauty   

Researchers found that although consumer demand for ingredient information is on the rise, most consumers still do not understand many of the ingredients listed on food and personal care product labels...Read more


Saje Natural Wellness Healing Power of Plants Health Wellness Style and Beauty VERGE Magazine

Lifestyle > Style and Beauty

Connect with the Healing Power of Plants
by VERGE Staff | Health and Beauty

These 100% plant-based products address a wide variety of everyday health concerns and ailments like sleep, pain, stress for natural wellness seekers...Read more


 Entertainment and Culture                            

April is Jazz Appreciation Month Celebrating Legends in Jazz History VERGE Magazine

Entertainment > Music and Culture  

Celebrating Jazz Legends
by VERGE Staff | Culture   

Artist LeRoy Neiman was best known for colorful paintings and illustrations that presented scenes of sports and entertainment. Among his work is a distinctive body of paintings of American jazz legends and music of the 1950s to 1960s...Read more


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Beauty Product Features
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