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Kate Borkowski Emerges with New Album
by VERGE Staff | Music and Culture | Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kate Borkowski

The world was first introduced to Kate Borkowski's haunting vocals and intellectual songwriting with the September 2011 release of The Vodka Honey. Now, the world will come to know Borkowski through her intimate debut album, Polymorph, which was produced by Jon Evans (Grammy-nominated producer and long-time Tori Amos bassist).

Newcomer Borkowski has an English degree from the University of Notre Dame, and is an immensely talented vocalist and songstress, in a unique class all by herself. She focuses her gifts of powerful perception and melody on each of Polymorph's 12 original songs. Evans contributes his own dark bass grooves along with a masterful production style, which manages to be both spacious and lush, never losing the trail of Borkowski's unmistakable voice or piano.

Evans, who is also doing all string arrangements, says of his artist, "Kate Borkowski is a producer's dream. She brings to the plate a collection of songs that are contemporary, while still keeping one foot in the singer/songwriter tradition of classic hooks and melodies. She has clear ideas about how her songs should be received by the world, but is confident enough to accept new ideas and collaboration. Look forward to hearing a record that moves easily from dark to light and back!"

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It is fitting then, that a 'polymorph' is an organism that can assume more than one form. Borkowski's album does just that; it changes forms throughout, reinventing itself continuously, fluidly shifting styles, structures and moods. But even as it morphs, the album maintains its essence: emotionally naked lyrics replete with metaphor, ethereal vocals, and addictive piano melodies, all accentuated by playful jazz drums, sensual bass grooves, and the emotion only strings can bring.

Borkowski acknowledges that, "lyrically, Polymorph can feel quite chilly, but that's where the songs began - in wounds. And while I shine a spotlight into each wound, the album is also very much about the other side, of personal adaptation, survival and rebirth."

Polymorph was mastered by the iconic Bob Ludwig who has also worked with artists such as Mumford & Sons, David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen at Gateway Mastering. The album, Polymorph is now available digitally on iTunes and Amazon. 

Source and photo credit: The KBM Group, LLC

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