Why No Child Should Be Left Behind

Why No Child Should Be Left Behind in Education

Transparency in Education Helps Drive Equity
by Dr. Michael Lomax | ViewPoints | Wednesday, June 10, 2015

or decades, civil rights groups
such as the United Negro College Fund have fought to draw attention to the injustices that continue to plague America. Over the years, we have encountered resistance to our efforts to unearth truths we would rather not confront.

Media Diversity in American Films

Film Diversity Research

Even During A "Good Year," A Recent Media Study Finds Little Diversity in Top-Grossing Films 
by VERGE Staff | ViewPoints | Saturday, August 9, 2014

Steve McQueen may have been the first black director to win an Oscar for Best Picture, but 2013 was otherwise business as usual in Hollywood when it comes to on-screen diversity.

Negative Perceptions of Black Men

black male stereotypes

Seeing Should Not Always Be Believing
by Dr. Frederick B. Covington | ViewPoints | Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"It is not enough to increase the number of positive portrayals of Black people; negative portrayals must also decrease and eventually be eliminated altogether." - from Race and Gender in the Media by Vanessa Hazell and Juanne Clarke

As a pediatric occupational therapist, one of my areas of expertise is visual perception. Many people confuse this with visual acuity or simply being able to see an object. I believe this type of confusion is what causes many problems in our society because what someone may "see" is one thing, however, what someone may "perceive" is totally another. …