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Ivy League Grad Explains Why 'Your BUT is Not an Asset' in Her New Book: "The Biggest But in the World"
by VERGE Staff | Career | Monday, June 1, 2015

Former Ivy Leaguer and up-and-coming screenwriter departs from her Hollywood hustle to pen a hilarious and wonderfully helpful book about BUTS. Natalie K. Hodge, success coach, writer and entrepreneur, admits in her self-help piece, "The Biggest But in the World," that for many years she had a major but problem that led to procrastination.  

She asserts that the number one reason people don't achieve the success they desire is because of the excuses they hide behind. Throughout the book, Hodge candidly shares her personal strategies in overcoming her chronic excuse making as well as tips she utilized working with thousands of college students and professionals across the country.

Described as a strategically written personal development masterpiece, Hodge uses plain yet colorful language, periodic micro-assessments and tons of real life examples to reach wide audiences of all backgrounds. 

She even made a conscious decision to limit the page count in an effort to maximize accessibility in a world where blog-style writing rules. The structure supports the highly original content she shares chapter after chapter, which includes an "Introduction to But-ology" in the Prologue. 

"Natalie's positive energy is infectious and whether you like it or not, you have to become a better person after being around her. No doubt, "The Biggest BUT in the World" will make you laugh, but it will change your life while you're doing it."  -Actor/Comedian Gerald Kelly, "Last Comic Standing," "Def Comedy Jam," "Comic View" and Co-Founder of "Microphones Up Guns Down" youth empowerment organization

Readers will laugh, cry, become frustrated, but absolutely grow as a result of this read. The book is now available on Additional content, daily tips and success strategies can also be found on the website at:

Natalie K. Hodge is a native of Martinsville, Virginia. She received her bachelor's degree from Guilford College and her master's degree from Cornell University. Natalie is a writer, entrepreneur and success coach who spent a significant amount of her professional career working in the higher education field. She is a highly engaging public speaker who has a passion for helping others have more fun, freedom and fulfillment in their lives. In addition to "The Biggest BUT in the World," Natalie has a number of completed feature film screenplays and television show treatments. Source and photo caption: Natalie K. Hodge.


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