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Savvy Book release November 8 2014 KINDLE

20 Practical Tips for Millennials to Close the Gender Pay Gap @ Work
by VERGE Staff | Career | Tuesday, May 12, 2015

For the one million women graduating from college this summer, Thorne Connelly Publishing has released a new book, SAVVY! The Young Woman’s Guide to Career Success, that offers practical advice on setting yourself up for success in the business world.

Written by two female business leaders with 20-year careers working for such Silicon Valley powerhouses as Cisco, HP, VMware, AT&T and Apple, the book shares wisdom gained through their professional successes, disappointments and triumphs.

“It’s an insider’s view that can help women build their confidence and get ahead—which leads to higher compensation,” said Luanne Tierney, co-author.

“We want young women to understand the many variables beyond good performance that will impact their success at work,” said Alice Nagle, who is also a co-author.

The handy guidebook offers personal stories, insights and exercises around the following 20 tips:

1. Set career goals

2. Create a personal brand

3. Manage your online presence

4. Make your boss successful

5. Grow your professional network

6. Seek out mentors and attract sponsors

7. Negotiate everything; “asking” is a business skill

8. Dress for success

9. Practice good business etiquette

10. Be a rock star communicator

11. Stand out; be visible

12. Recover well from disappointments and mistakes

13. Be politically smart

14. Manage your emotions at work

15. Take control of your time

16. Invest in yourself

17. Champion women

18. Build your confidence!

19. Develop perspective

20. Define your own success

The book is available on and is receiving 5 star reviews:

“Every woman, no matter her age, can benefit from the advice and insights in SAVVY! It is the must-read book for ambitious women looking to get ahead.” -Becky Fisher, Managing Director, Fullbridge, Inc.

SAVVY! offers practical advice that I wish someone had given to me when I was graduating from college. This book is invaluable to young female graduates looking to avoid career traps and office faux pas.” -Whitney Hischier, Lecturer, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Thorne Connelly Publishing is an independent publishing company focused on women in business. Alice Nagle is a Communications Coach who works with Silicon Valley executives. Luanne Tierney is a Vice President of Marketing for a cyber security company.

Photo caption:  New Book for Female College Grads: 20 Tips for Millennials to Close the Gender Pay Gap @ Work.


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