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Michael Elliot hammer and nails franchise expansion plans

How L.A.'s First Male Nail Salon: Hammer & Nails is Finding Success with an Underserved Market
by VERGE Staff | Career | Monday, June 1, 2015

Award-winning Hollywood scribe Michael Elliot has found new success in the most unlikely industry, male nail care. His groundbreaking salon, Hammer & Nails | Hand & Foot Grooming Shop, has defied naysayers and the screenwriter-turned-entrepreneur now plans to expand his men's grooming business.

Elliot's company, The Hammer & Nails Salon Group, recently announced it is ready to grant franchise licenses in over 40 states for its unique hand and foot grooming shop that was specially created for men. Featured on the television show, Shark Tank, Los Angeles' first male nail salon is revolutionizing the nail care industry through its unique environment and male focused treatments.

"The stigma against men getting manicures and pedicures is disappearing and more and more men are realizing that hand and foot care isn't a question of masculinity but a matter of health, wellness and good grooming. Until now, most men had no choice but to visit traditional female-centric nail salons, which can often be awkward, embarrassing and uncomfortable. The other option includes the full-service men's salons where manicures and pedicures are often done in private rooms, away from the eyes and judgment of men getting haircuts. Hammer & Nails offers men hand and foot grooming in an environment specially designed for their comfort," said Elliot in a statement to the press. Hammer & Nails' distinctive environment includes low-lighting, dark wood and steel, oversized leather chairs, personal TV's, personal TV remotes and high-end headphones.

"Our focus, uniqueness, and proven business model offers franchise investors the opportunity to own a niche business in the burgeoning men's grooming industry with little direct competition," said Natasha Ray, GM of the Hammer & Nails' Hollywood location and The Hammer & Nails Salon Group's Vice-President of Training. "Ownership of a Hammer & Nails | Hand & Foot Grooming Shop is an investment opportunity ripe for people who have an entrepreneurial mindset and an interest in the business of men's grooming."

Michael Elliot is known for the films: Like Mike (2002), Brown Sugar (2002) and Just Wright (2010). Elliot is one of the most accomplished African American screenwriters in Hollywood, having written films that have generated over $115 million in box office revenue and winning the 2011 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Writing in a Motion Picture.

Since opening in November 2013, his latest venture, Hammer & Nails has established itself as the premiere destination for men seeking hand and foot grooming in Southern California. To learn more about Hammer & Nails franchising opportunities visit:

 Source and photo credit: Hammer & Nails 

Photo caption: Hammer & Nails | Hand & Foot Grooming Shop in Los Angeles, CA. With its low-lighting, oversized leather chairs, personal TV's and male-centric hand and foot treatments, Hammer & Nails has become L.A.'s premiere destination for men seeking hand and foot care in a comfortable, male-centric environment. Now the groundbreaking salon founded by Hollywood screenwriter Michael Elliot is awarding franchises across the country. 


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