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Courtney Rhodes Brandista Guide

Entrepreneur Courtney Rhodes on Achieving Career Success
Through Personal Branding

by LaTonya Irby, Editor-in-Chief | Career | Thursday, July 10, 2014 

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a professional rut? Are you looking for new ways to become highly motivated to do the job you already have? If so, then it may be time for you to learn how to increase your potential for business success by seeing and presenting yourself as a personal brand. 

According to Courtney Rhodes who is an entrepreneur, brand management consultant and founder of TheBrandistaGuide, seeing yourself as a personal brand begins with taking a strategic look at how your personal choices align with your career choices. 

"Your personal brand is more than your unique value or point of differentiation. It includes your reputation, built upon the experiences that people have dealing with you. Your personal brand is your ability to infuse these things with your expertise, core philosophy, distinct presence, and passions. I realize the increased business potential for women who view themselves as a personal brand and strategically build upon their brand promise,” says Rhodes.

“In today's business environment, everyone benefits from embracing their uniqueness and knowing how to package, position and share their story.” 

-Courtney Rhodes

Rhodes is an avid volunteer for women development and empowerment programs, and she is passionate about encouraging and sharing personal branding stories for business and personal success. “In today's business environment, everyone benefits from embracing their uniqueness and knowing how to package, position and share their story,” says Rhodes. 

As a result of her passion for promoting personal and professional empowerment for women, Rhodes launched The Brandista Guide, a personal branding and lifestyle guide providing personal branding, personal development and progressive lifestyle tips to help career women looking to clarify and focus their unique personal brand. 

Each week the guide provides original interviews and content from women who share their personal brand success stories to motivate and inspire other "brandistas" in 'The Brandista Diary.'

"The Brandista Diary's content is inspired by The Brandista Guide's subscribers and is about them. 'The Brandista Diary' allow us to share more of their personal branding stories, tips and insight to other brandistas and subscribers. Each issue will feature a 'Brandspiration' highlight from an innovative female entrepreneur; a personal branding 101 article and a Q &A piece where we'll address some of the personal branding and personal development questions we receive through the guide," shares Rhodes.

So, if you’re tired of being stuck in a professional rut, and want to learn more about how you can feel more inspired in your career and personal life, visit: thebguide.com for more information and motivation.

Photo credit: The Brandista Guide 


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