Don't Believe the Muffin Top Myth

The Muffin Top Myth

How to Overcome the 'Muffin Top Myth' for a Slimmer Waist
By Harold Irby, Personal Trainer | Health and Fitness | Monday, December 9, 2013

If there's one thing that really irks me, it's seeing people being led astray by the ‘Muffin Top Myth.’ 
These well-meaning folks being led astray will often devote time and effort to a fitness routine under a faulty premise that gets them zero results. And that’s when I get fired up! 

I know that when you put your valuable time and energy into a fitness program, you deserve to see nothing less than amazing results. Achieving no less than amazing results is something that I am truly passionate about, and it’s what I pledge to all of my clients. 

Because of this, you can understand why I get so upset when I see people working hard without getting results. So, what is this ‘Muffin Top Myth?’ 

The ‘Muffin Top Myth’ is the belief that doing a magical abdominal exercise will shrink and flatten your waist, and will rid you of a muffin top. I’m sorry to inform you, there's no such magical abdominal exercise. In fact, all of the magical abdominal exercises in the world won't make a dent in your muffin top, as long as you continue with your current, unhealthy lifestyle. 

The true belly-shrinking magic is found in improving your diet and exercise routine in order to promote fat loss from your entire body, including—but not limited to—your midsection. 

So, here's how to really get rid of that muffin top: 

Shrink Your Belly Tip #1: Stop Eating Processed Foods
Everyone loves a good shortcut, right (depending on where that shortcut takes you)? From now on, I want you to think of processed foods as a shortcut to belly fat. 
I wouldn't be surprised if future studies prove that the over-processing, chemical additives and high fructose corn syrup that are pumped into processed foods specifically adds fat around your belly. 

If you want to shrink your belly then stay away from sugars, sodas, chemically altered fats, processed, packaged, fried and preserved foods.

Shrink Your Belly Tip #2: Eat Fresh, Whole Foods
Once you've cut the processed foods out of your diet, fill in the void with lots of fresh foods like:

Green vegetables

Whole, organic, seasonal fruits

Lean, hormone-free, high quality meats

Colorful organic veggies

Nuts and seeds

I know this list of foods may seem boring at first, but if you stick with it long enough, you'll grow to love the tantalizing flavors of real food. 

When your diet is filled with the foods listed above, your body will quickly shed pounds and lean out. 

Shrink Your Belly Tip #3: Do Challenging Exercises 

The absolute best way to lose your muffin top forever is with a consistent, progressive exercise program.

To be consistent: You should be exercising 3-5 times each week.

To be progressive: For truly awesome results, keep your body guessing by doing new exercises with increasing intensity.

While it’s true, crunches alone won't reduce your body fat, that doesn't mean you shouldn't strengthen your abdominal muscles. Consistent abdominal exercises are an essential part of a well-balanced exercise routine. 

Harold Irby is a certified personal fitness trainer and Mr. Michigan body building champion with over 20 years of experience in weight training, body building, sport specific training and strength conditioning. Harold has worked with many professional, college and high school athletes, as well as celebrities and business professionals seeking a healthy and fit lifestyle through his personal training and fitness center Xtreme Advantage

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