The BroccoLatte 

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Fun Ways to Spring Clean Your Body 
by VERGE Staff | Food and Health | Monday, April 20, 2015

Looking for fun ways to spring clean your diet with broccoli? Consider the following recipes:

The BroccoLatte   

The Massaged BroccoLeaf Salad   

The Skin-renewing Smoothie   

The Broccoli Wrap & Roll   

The BroccoSlaw

Broccoli contains the highest amount of uber detox antioxidant, glucoraphanin, shown to increase the elimination of carcinogens in the body by 61 percent. Similarly, new organic BroccoLeaf — the leaves of broccoli — contains antioxidants and phytonutrients, which are powerful detoxifiers.

The BroccoLatte Macciato is a chilled BroccoLeaf Green juice layered with steamed vanilla almond milk and froth sprinkled with cinnamon-vanilla-infused turbinado sugar crystals. Click here for the full recipe.  

Photo caption: The BroccoLatte. Photo credit: Foxy Produce


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