Celebrate Earth's Winter Solstice

How to Celebrate Winter Solstice

Not Into Santa? Looking to Start a New Family Tradition? - Learn New Ways to Celebrate the Season
by VERGE Staff | Lifestyle and Wellbeing | Wednesday, December 23, 2015 

Do you prefer to celebrate the holidays in a more simplified low-key way? Are you looking for a tradition that focuses on the unique meaning of winter, and a holiday in which everyone can participate? Then you and your family may want to read the book, “How to Celebrate Winter Solstice” by Teresa Villegas. 

For many of us; living in the 21st century, learning and celebrating mankind's long relationship with the Earth's Winter Solstice that occurs every year on December 21st - 22nd has almost been forgotten. 

Large populations have moved away from an agrarian lifestyle that depends on animals, nature and the seasons. We now live in cities and suburbs that depend on commerce, industrial farming and grocery store chains. As a result, the deeper connection with the impact of seasonal change has become far removed from the daily conveniences of our modern lives. 

On the other hand, people everywhere seem to be voicing their concerns about the over commercialization of the season. There is also a growing need and desire among many to return to the basics, such as: expressing simple gratitude, while also showing respect and appreciation for our environment and for each other.

Beautifully illustrated "How to Celebrate Winter Solstice" has modern sensibilities combined with an ancient holiday tradition that honors the intrinsic meaning of the Winter Solstice in ways that are relevant for ourselves and our world. You'll find that kids can still experience the lights, the tree, the gift giving and the coming together with a compassionate and empathetic understanding for a global and universal perspective for the season.This little gem of a book explains what the Winter Solstice is and what it means for us. The significance of this time of year affects both our planet Earth and our lives simultaneously and gives us an understanding of how we change, evolve and stay connected with our natural world and with each other.

Celebrating the Winter Solstice is a meaningful way to incorporate a secular winter holiday tradition that all families can enjoy. Fun winter activities are also available in PDF downloads for all readers and teachers. Download a class curriculum for teachers or home school learning, aligned with the common core standards for grades 3 and up.

"How to Celebrate Winter Solstice" is published by Heart and Mind Press, which is dedicated to helping parents and educators inspire and cultivate conscious, empathetic, responsible children, with an understanding of the natural world and how it impacts us on a deeper, personal level.

To learn more about the book visit: www.HeartandMindPress.com

Photo caption: Image from the cover of the book, "How to Celebrate Winter Solstice" by Teresa Villegas. Image courtesy of Heart and Mind Press. 


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