The Beauty of Starburst Radish


Starburst Hybrid Radish is a Visual and Taste Delight
by VERGE Staff | Lifestyle and Wellbeing | Tuesday, April 18, 2017 

Radish is not only beneficial for your health, but it's also a great garden choice for beginners. Radish is easy to grow and it quickly produces a delicious crop. In fact, radish is considered the speed demons of the garden—maturing more quickly than almost any other vegetable.

A Recipe for Radish...

Health and Beauty Benefits...

According to Organic Facts, the health benefits from eating radish in general can help in the prevention of certain diseases and ailments, such as jaundice, cancer, diabetes, urinary disorders, dehydration and weight loss. Radish is also good for your skin, and may be useful in treating headaches, acidity, sore throat and gall stones. People who supplement normal amounts into their diet on a regular basis have also reportedly seen an improvement in blood circulation.

Growing Your Own...

Starburst Hybrid Radish Seeds are a great choice for new gardeners, kids and experienced gardeners alike because of its unique color and excellent taste. This variety is a Chinese type of radish that grows edible roots that are as big as tangerines, with insides as bright red as watermelons. Expect Starburst globes to reach 2 to 2½ inches in diameter, with a white outside rind that’s tinged with green, red flesh, and pale green shoots. These radishes mature steadily, with excellent disease and pest-fighting ability. And they taste as good as they look!

Starburst Hybrid Radishes are great for pickling as well as fresh eating. The ripe radishes are round, crisp and flavorful, making them an excellent addition to any garden. You definitely step up to gourmet dining when you grow Starburst Hybrid Radish, and may improve your health as a result.

So, if you're considering growing your own, like most radish varieties, Starburst Hybrid grows best in moist, well-drained soil. Radishes will be ready to harvest 60 days after sowing seeds. A packet of 100 seeds sells for $3.95 from Park Seed, visit:

Photo of organic radish courtesy of Home, Garden and Homestead. 


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