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Alonzo Mourning Wife and Kids

Basketball Legend Alonzo Mourning on the 'Caring Side' of Masculinity
by VERGE Staff | Lifestyle and Relationships | Saturday,  March 21, 2015

In mainstream popular culture, conversations surrounding masculinity and strength continues to be fueled and influenced by the sports world. However, the definition of what makes a man "strong" has evolved. In reality, most men seem to agree that the concept of masculinity has changed in some ways, especially since their fathers' generation.    

According to a 2014 study commissioned by Dove Men+Care®, only 7% of men can relate to how masculinity is currently depicted in the media. But if you’ve been watching the 2015 NCAA March Madness Championship tournaments, you may already be seeing a more relevant picture. 

The global men’s grooming brand, Dove Men+Care has partnered with basketball legend Alonzo Mourning to share personal moments that have defined who he is as a man with fans. From playing with his children to devoting time giving back to his community, the moments that have strengthened and shaped this basketball icon’s life is being featured, which goes beyond traditional notions of power, affluence and physical strength by highlighting the "caring side" of masculinity.

“A game-winning shot or a buzzer beater victory can mean so much to an athlete in the moment, but it is not what defines us as men,” said Alonzo Mourning, former NCAA® and professional basketball star. “My greatest strength comes from who I am as a husband, father, member of the community, and teammate—in fact it is my off-the-court experiences that have meant the most to my life.”

The study also found that 91% of men feel that taking care of their family’s needs (including their partner) makes them feel strong.

“Whether a shooting guard or a stay–at–home dad, modern men are embracing caring roles more than ever throughout their lives—in fact, nine out of ten men believe their caring side is a true sign of strength and masculinity,” said Jennifer Bremner, Director of Marketing at Unilever, and a representative for the Dove Men+Care brand.  

For more, fans can visit, and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the tournament to see 'Real Strength' moments from Alonzo Mourning and other men. You can also join the conversation and share what #RealStrength means to you.

Photo captions: (left) Alonzo ‘Zo’ Mourning, former NBA player, husband and father (shown here with wife, Tracy Mourning and their children, Myka and Alijah). (right) Alonzo Mourning shares a loving moment with wife, Tracy. Photo credits: Unilever


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