5 Ways to Naturally Hydrate Your Skin

5 organic products that hydrate and nourish your skin skincare health and beauty verge magazine

Shop these products to nourish your skin
by VERGE Editor | The Shop List  | Skincare and Beauty | Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Regardless of the season, these organic body butters, lip balms and carrier oils are naturally hydrating, with numerous anti-aging benefits. These products can also be incorporated into almost any daily beauty routine to encourage softer, healthier and smoother looking skin. 


organic shea butter skincare health beauty verge magazine

1 - Organic Shea Butter

Naturally rich in vitamins A & E, Shea Butter is perfect if you’d like to tone and deeply moisturize your skin. It also enhances collagen production, which helps to fight aging signs and prevent dryness. Use it regularly to help avert acne and reduce skin inflammations. Packed with nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids, Shea Butter is ideal during a dry winter day or an after-sun skin repair. Its natural SPF 6 will also protect your skin from UV rays. ($44.95; Sky Organics)


organic mango butter skincare health and beauty verge magazine

2 - Organic Mango Butter

Luscious and sweet Mango Butter will deeply moisturize your face and body. Slightly softer and less oily than Shea and Cocoa Butter, it is rich in fatty acids, making it ideal for slowing down and reversing aging signs, relieving sunburns and improving skin elasticity. With a wealth of detoxifying agents, Mango Butter is sensational at removing foreign agents embedded in your skin. Because it is odorless, it is ideal to mix with essential oils for increased benefits. Use it on your scalp, hair and body. ($49.99; Sky Organics)


Jojoba Oil skincare health beauty verge magazine

3 - Organic Jojoba Oil

The wax-like texture of this cold-pressed unrefined Jojoba Oil is perfect for oily or dry skin. It tricks the body, so that it doesn’t produce natural oils, yet it locks in the moisture for extended periods, making it a great ally during dry and cold weather. This also allows you to feel hydrated but not sticky. Use it to deep clean your face and prevent acne or as oil on your hands and feet for a relaxing Mani Pedi. ($39.99; Sky Organics)


Avocado Oil skincare health beauty verge magazine

4 - Avocado Oil

100% natural Avocado Oil is both healthy and satiating. Full of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, Avocado Oil strengthens the digestive tract, softens the hair, and regenerates the skin. It is extremely versatile, and can be used as a cooking oil, a massage oil, or a moisturizer when applied to the skin. Since Avocado Oil is anti-inflammatory in nature, it boosts the immune system and will reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease. ($32.99; Sky Organics)


organic lip balms skincare health and beauty verge magazine

5 - Organic Lip Balms

You probably don't want chemicals in your food and water, so why put it on your lips? These all-natural Sky Organics Lip Balms are safe for the entire family and are made from the best stuff nature can provide! Pure and Chemical Free, the way nature intended. This pout-prettifier is great to throw in your purse for on-the-go, kissably supple lips, and to keep on your nightstand as a before-bed nourisher. ($32.99; Sky Organics)


Photos courtesy of Sky Organics. 

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