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VERGE is a lifestyle magazine for stylish women of color about fashion, beauty, culture, healthy living, and personal and professional empowerment.  VERGE reflects positive cultural values with solution-focused articles presented to personally engage our readers with information related to their demanding lifestyles, diverse ideas, interests and concerns. 

VERGE delivers an engaging mix of lifestyle, culture and entertainment news and information. 
Read the digital and print magazine for premium content including original feature articles about careers, health, relationships, money, life, fashion, style, culture and beauty that will inspire you to achieve your personal best. 

You can also read our news and entertainment articles, introducing you to the newly accomplished and successful -  as well as to artists, entrepreneurs and other up-and-coming professionals from different industries throughout the U.S. and abroad who are making a significant impact on urban culture. 

VERGE is an inspiring resource for news, information and entertainment. 

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